About the Conference


Computational techniques and methods are evolutionary field from macroscopic-level to nano-level, using continuum and discrete mechanics. It is necessary for scientists and engineers to come together every two years in a relaxed environment to discuss new ideas and developments in the area of computational methods and applications, especially in the topic of fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer in nonreactive and reactive processes. Also, it is good opportunity for new scientists and engineers to explore the art of computational methods.


  • Advanced Numerical Methods
  • Aeronautical and Space Applications
  • Bio-Fluidics and Biomedical Engineering
  • Bio-Inspired Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Complex Chemical Reaction Modelling
  • Compressible Flows
  • Convection and Buoyancy-Driven Flows
  • Double Diffusive Convection
  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Biomedical
  • Devices and Biotechnology
  • Fluid Machinery
  • Granular Flows
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Manufacturing and
  • Materials Processing
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Nuclear Applications
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Particle-Laden Flows
  • Heat Exchangers / Heat Pipe
  • Internal Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Micro / Nano Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Mixing Devices and Phenomena
  • Multi-Phase Flows
  • Reactive Flows and Combustion
  • Steam and Gas Turbines
  • Technology for Renewable Energy Sources
  • Thermal Flow Visualization
  • Thermal Fluid Machinery
  • Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
  • Waste Management and Waste Disposal
  • Any Other Related Topics

Conference History

1999 – Cyprus

2001 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2003 – Banff, Canada

2005 – Paris, France

2007 – Canmore, Canada

2009 – Guangzhou, China

2011 – Istanbul, Turkey

2015 – Istanbul, Turkey

2016 – Cracow, Poland

2017 – Seoul, Korea

2018 – Cracow, Poland

2019 – Rome, Italy